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Chrome Plating
Welcome to Jensen Plating Works, Inc. We offer decorative metal finishing--including  Chrome plating and Decorative Plating and Electrocoating (E-Coat).
At Jensen Plating Works, Inc. we are here to improve the attractiveness, desirability and durability of your product. A new or different finish can enhance your product or accent the design of your product. Since customer tastes change over time, so must your finish to meet new expectations, whether it is a new look or to improve the durability of the product. We, at Jensen Plating Works, realize this need and offer a wide range of finishes.
Jensen Plating is exclusively a rack metal finisher, specializing in decorative finishes. We work with many manufacturers and their subcontractors in developing new finishes or improving current finishes. Some of the industries that we service are:
  • Lighting
  • Medical
  • Plumbing
  •   Household Goods
  • Hardware
  • Appliances
  • Office Products
  • Industrial Goods
  • Furniture
  • Urns, Grave Markers
Decorative metal finishing includes not only plating, but also electrocoating, pre-finishing and post- finishing. Using some or all of the processes together often leads to very attractive and durable finishes.

Most people think of e-coating as having only one color: black. However, using our process, we can obtain a large variety of colors, either transparent or opaque. We are able to even match the look of some of the plated finishes, such as nickel, brass and chrome, using our specially formulated e-coat. E-coating is also RoHS complaint and very durable. You may select from our standard finishes or ask us about a custom finish.

Jensen Plating Works, Inc. is your No. 1 source for decorative metal finishing.